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Photography can fall under many categories including editorial, commercial, lifestyle or location-oriented. Raemirue Photography focuses on people and event photography including corporate, family portraits and architectural shots. We know how to capture the spirit and emotion exhibited by the people we shoot. We know how to work with our surroundings to portray the story or idea you want to get across.

If you are looking for a professional and experienced  photographer, you will want someone who knows how to work with focus settings, white balance for color temperature, and different filters. Raemarie Photography would be familiar with working with several different camera types and know how they need to be adjusted depending on the surroundings, a person’s individual features, and the overall mood of the shot.

We have photography services for any type of occasions. Our wedding photography will make sure you have memorable pictures for your special day. Weddings may lead up to babies so our baby photography services will capture your child’s innocence. Our family photography will document each step of your family’s progress.

At Raemirue Photography, we also specialize in offering you excellent product photography and architectural photography services for your commercial needs. We know how to make something look appealing and attractive for people to want your merchandise for websites and retail purposes.

Raemirue Photography invites you to call us and set up an appointment so we can show portfolio samples of our past work. This provides the client with a way to let us know what type of shots they prefer so we can customize your photo session to fit your individual needs. Of course, our photography skills are very knowledgeable and experienced in the field of photography and can offer suggestions to those who might not have an idea when they come in.

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